We're creating a movement of freedom loving entrepreneurs and professionals

Break Free from the System, Pay Less Tax, and Live Anywhere In The World You Want

Become Independent of "The System"

Personal, Financial, and Location Independence

Becoming independent of the system gives you the freedom to work and trade remotely from anywhere in the world – on your terms.

Being location independent is not about the ability to work while traveling, it is about seeking out and building a very specific lifestyle; one that allows you the freedom to choose your own rules and break them when you feel like it.

You might choose to live in Thailand for the beaches and low cost of living, or stay put in your home country – but you can choose to tie your company to a location that offers the best tax incentives and regulatory landscape, like Panama.

To become completely independent in mind, body, and business is possible…and it is worth it.

However, this movement is still in its infancy, so you won’t be able to structure your lifestyle by the book. We do the research that gives you the knowledge and tools to write your own book and design your own plan.

So let me ask you?

If you were invited to join a movement of unconventional entrepreneurs, investors, bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts, and free thinkers who are taking back control of their personal and business freedom…


What are you waiting for? Your Renegade Lifestyle starts here…

This is your chance to join the not-so-secret world of location-independent cryptocurrency loving capitalists who know that:

  • Avoiding tax is not illegal...
  • Having a Plan B residency or offshore bank is not illegal and...
  • Incorporating your company outside your home country isn’t illegal
  • Doing business from a hammock overlooking the Caribbean is not illegal
  • Diversifying your risks globally isn’t illegal
  • Protecting your assets against government greed is not illegal, and...

Anonymizing your right to free trade, and breaking free from the criminal banking system through cryptocurrency is not illegal either.

But it all is… very, very smart…

Don’t pay up to $20,000 for a consultant to design your future. We give you the knowledge and research to put together your own custom plan – at a fraction of the price. And designed by the only person who has in-depth knowledge of your specific needs…YOU!

Palm Tree Research has the tools you need to start using and investing in cryptocurrency and to untie yourself, your business, and your liquid assets from a particular location.

 Our job is to find escape clauses in the fine print and help you find legitimate freedom from economic dominion – lawfully.